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Future is bright.

Lots of journal entries coming within the next week. I've said it before, but I promise there will be a good amount. Some commentary on a few papers, and a lot of different methods I have used, how I used them, any "results", and what my opinions on them were.

Plus, a week excerpt from my Hoor-Pa-Kraat working, and even though no astonishing results were addressed there is still plenty of material I would like to share that I hope others will learn from, or at least be entertained by.



A Very Short Introduction to Pranayama.

The process of Pranayama is often dismissed as being a means to an end, and not a practice in and of itself. This is completely false. We need first to define what these ridiculous sounding words all mean. Sri Swami Sivananda says that this prana is the "sum total of all energy that is manifest in the universe, all the forces in nature, all latent forces and powers which are hidden in men. Heat, light, electricity, magnetism are the manifestations of Prana". In a nutshell it is what we would define as energy and Pranayama is “literally control of prana, effected by exercising control of breathing”.

The importance of this limb of Yoga is not to be exaggerated by any means as it not only helps develop a comprehension and sensitivity to the Astral, and to steady the mind for other practices, but when properly performed it is an amazing practice to train the will (please take notice that I did not capitalize this "will") of the practitioner. It can (and will) produce some type of an effect upon the student depending on the amount of Oxygen taken in which physically effects the endocrine gland. These glands, which are part of the human endocrine system, secrete hormones directly into the blood which produces the phenomena of a sweet smelling, and a very useful perspiration which is said to be not unlike that of mans semen. Beyond this phenomena, and all phenomena for that matter, which in our current treatise has little to no place or use, this produces a physical reaction of euphoria and bursts of creative and fertile energy that "is bound to react favorably when conserved, on the mind and Will and every other aspect of the human constitution." The impression it leaves upon the Will of the student directly is that by making the cells in the students being "vibrate" in unison a powerful current of Will is established in the body and mind which is initiated by simple rhythmic breathing exercises. For the sake of argument let us deny this theory (which you should unless you have proven it to yourself) we are still left with a practice that is so tedious and dreary that it will test, even the strongest Will, straight out of the gates. Even at a very short 15 minutes of seating oneself, making an attempt to follow a rhythmical and regulated way of breathing all while observing that current of breath, and taking careful mental notes, this is one of the most annoyingly simple tasks that it becomes increasingly painful to endure. This requires an exercise in will-power where one needs to be sincerly persistent with carrying on through this most arduous of task's. In doing so the student is "brought sharply to face the inertia and lassitude of the body, requiring no little austerity and self-conquest" along with the will-power that is being tested and strengthened each time they perform their Pranayama exercise.

This is all one needs to know about Pranayama because most people will never obtain a "result" such as levitation, stopping your heart, or walking across water. There are subtle psycho-physiological changes that occur if the student exposes themselves to prolonged work with Pranayama, which will come in handy for practices which require the student to hold their mind on one object. It is an obvious fact that the discipline and testing of patience and will-power which Pranayama imposes will set the Magician up for these more complex tasks of Yoga and Magick.

For a straightforward set of practices please read Liber E, Section IV:


For more in depth practices please read Liber RU vel Spiritus:


“Yoga works primarily with the energy in the body, through the science of pranayama, or energy-control. Prana means also ‘breath.’ Yoga teaches how, through breath-control, to still the mind and attain higher states of awareness. The higher teachings of yoga take one beyond techniques, and show the yogi, or yoga practitioner, how to direct his concentration in such a way as not only to harmonize human with divine consciousness, but to merge his consciousness in the Infinite.”
~ Paramhansa Yogananda, “The Essence of Self-Realization”.

“Pranayama is notably useful in quieting the emotions and appetites; and, whether by reason of the mechanical pressure which it asserts, or by the thorough combustion which it assures in the lungs, it seems to be admirable from the standpoint of health. Digestive troubles in particular are very easy to remove in this way. It purifies both the body and the lower functions of the mind...”
~ Aleister Crowley, “Liber ABA” Part I.

- Frater D E I / Ryan / RifRaf

October 4, 2008 die Venus [

Sol 1° Scorpio, Luna 13° Virgo ]





The first day of Invocation.I guess it would be best to explain this operation as much as I can, in detail for the following reasons: (a) The most obvious reason; retracing what I had performed as to re-perform the operation again. O Scientific Method, thee, thee I Invoke! (b) For my superior (c) for any others who would be curious.



Equal sided Cross drawn upon floor in the 4 colors of the 22nd Path (Pale Green, Emerald, Blue, Deep Blue-Green) At each corner burns incense (Galbanum). pillars brought out and placed in the East, beyond the Pillars is a "veil" which leads to the Judgement Hall of Taut. The Invisible Station of Thoth lies North East waiting for the weighing of the Feather and the Heart. In the Center is the altar with writing materials, 777, and my tools (Wand, and Pantacle).



I wore a simple 1=10 white robe, with a lamen of my own.



LBRP, and BRH. All figures as stated earlier will be drawn upon the ground, and then traced with the Sword. Every piece of furniture will be placed in its corresponding area in order.


Bell - 333-55555-333


"ABRAHADABRA. Hail unto thee, Heru-Ra-Ha, Ra-Hoor, ABRAHADABRA Lord of the Day!

Let there be a gathering of the Lords of



The Magus with Wand. On the Altar are

incense, Fire, the Oil, and Bell.


Hail! Asi! hail, Hoor-Apep! Let

The Silence speech beget!

The Words against the Sons of Night

Tahuti speaketh in the Light.

Knowledge & Power, twin warriors, shake

The Invisible; they roll asunder

The Darkness; matter shines, a snake.

Sebek is smitten by the thunder

The Light breaks forth from Under.


He goes to the West


O Thou, the Apex of the Plane,

And Wings of Night! Whose serpents strain

Thou in the Light & in the Night!


He lays the Wand, etc., on the Altar.


The Lustral Water! Smite thy flood

Through me Lymph, marrow & blood! Annointing the Wounds,

The Fire Informing! Let the Oil

Balance, assain, assoil! The Invoking Spiral Dance.

So Life takes Fire from Death, & runs

Whirling amid the Suns.

Hail, Asi! Pace the Path, bind on

The girdle of the Starry One!


Return Center


Sign of the Enterer:

Homage to Thee, Lord of the Word!


Sign of Silence:

Lord of Silence, Homage to Thee!


Repeat both Signs:

Lord we adore Thee, still & stirred Beyond Infinity.


For from the Silence of the Wand

Unto the Speaking of the Sword,

And back again to the Beyond,

This is the toil & the Reward.

This is the Path of .......

This is the Path of IAO.

Hail Asi! Hail, thou Wanded Wheel!

Alpha & Delta kissed & came

For five that feed the Flame.

Hail, Hoor-Apep! thou Sword of Steel!

Alpha & Delta & Epsilon

Met in the Shadow of the Pylon

And in Iota did proclaim

That tenfold core & crown of flame.

Hail, Hoor-Apep! Unspoken Name!

Thus is the Great Pyramid duly builded.




(You should all really write your own at this point. So I will not include it here)





Hail Ma'at!

Hail Hail! O, beautiful Goddess of Truth and Balance!

Come to me, for I see you not.

Hail O Beautiful One, come and bring light to my temple!

Hail who is Right and True,

Hail who is Balanced and Righteous.

Come forth from the Judgement Hall of Taut!

Come to me, Come to me and I shall Embrace thee,

Depart not thou from Me!

O Goddess of Truth and Balance,

Come thou in Peace and let me see!

Hail Thou Lord whos Heart is True,

Come to thy Temple;

Come to thy offerings!

Hail! Thou who shine upon me with Moral Power!

I await you, O beautiful one,

Hail Ma'at! 


At the center, facing east with appropriate insignia on, with proper scents burning begin the Invocation of Ma'at.


Great Mother of the Sun
Descend into the arms of the earth
Winged Goddess of balance
Come unto me who cry out to you
For justice and truth and strength
Help me find Balance in the world!
I call upon you to help balance the energies
In my life
I call upon you to bring the truth
Into all I do and say and feel
I call upon you to give me strength
To persevere on all levels in healing myself
On all levels
In organizing, in uniting
And in bringing a halt to all destruction!
I invoke
The black free-standing feather of Maat
The crystal star gleaming within
The outpouring of interstellar energies

I invoke the law of the universe
The innate justice
That governs all things
May I channel this energy in my work
May I be a conduit of the black flame of justice
And the silence of truth-in-action
Many we I unified with all living beings
Through the breath of Maat
And may her heart-beat fill my ears
As the sound of a singing healed life!
O Maat!
Mother of infinity
Goddess who guides the sun
The planets
And all the ever-moving stars
Guide me now in my our hour of need!
Great Cosmic mother
May it be so.

Sign of Enterter, and Godform of Maat (if known) for the rest of the Invocation:


Tua Maati!
We invoke the black haired Goddess
Who balances the souls of all beings
Who, weighed with the heart,
Reveals all things.
May I enter the chamber of truth
And stand before the great power of justice
Maat, crowned with the feather
Reveal yourself in all your manifestations
We call forth the center of truth and justice
From within and without
We name this power Maat
And we manifest it here and now
As knowledge, will and action
Through the strength and energy of our arms
May the balance of Maat
Be done!
Through the clarity of our minds and loins
May the balance of Maat
Be done!
Through the black flame of justice in my heart
May the balance of Maat
Be done!
Tua Maati!


There are 3 more Invocations which I have written for Maat, following the formula of YHVH (see Liber Israfel). But they are personal and I do not feel like sharing them. You can get the idea how this should be done (with any God, or Goddess) by looking over Liber Israfel, or any of the Golden Dawn Egyptian Invocations




Hail Ma'at! The Goddess of Balance! I Frater Divido Enim Iugum, give thanks for your Strength, your Justice, and your Rigteousness, and do utterly devote myself, mind, body, and estate to the Word ******

(this can be anything to which you were performing the Invocation for, and received. If nothing was "recieved" you can restate your Oath, or say any Imrpomptu feelings, and prayers that were not released during the Invocations.)



THANKSGIVING & EUCHARIST (when appropriate)



Now let mine hands unloose the sweet

And shining girdle of Nuit! The Adorations & the Word.


At altar:


Behold! the Perfect One hath said

Tried & found pure, a golden spoil.

These are my body's elements Act accordingly.

Incense & Wine & Fire & Bread

These I consume, true Sacraments,

For the Perfection of the Oil

For I am clothed about with flesh

And I am the Eternal Spirit.

I am the Lord that riseth fresh

From Death, whose glory I inherit

Since I partake with him. I am

The Manifestor of the Unseen.

Without me all the land of Khem

Is as if it had not been.


Proceed as in "Opening" until end:


Hail, Hoor! Hail, Asi! Hail, Tahuti! Hail,

Asar Un-nefer! through the rended Veil.

I am Thyself, with all Thy brilliance








Tarot Meditations.

Since I haven't been posting anything recently, I wanted to fill in some gaps while I get some good entries made for up. So this is what I want to do for now, to cure boredome, and to see how personal ideas differ. I am going to take two "primary cards" from the Thoth tarot, and then take one of the secondary cards and place them with each other, for everyone to meditate on, and post what realtions you find in the comment sections. For example, how are the characters, ideas, and correspondences of two primary cards expressed when they are coordinated together, and how does the secondary card help demonstrate this, or add to it in harmony? How do I seperate the cards in to the primary and secondary classes? Simple. Primary class cards either show Male, Female, or Hermaphrodite qualities. The cards are as follows:

The Magus, and The Fool are Hermaphrodite cards.
The Emperor, The Hermit, and The Hierophant are of Male qualities.
The Empress, The Star, and The High Priestess are of Female qualities. 

The secondary cards are the rest of the Trump cards, which include The Universe, The Sun, The Aeon, The Moon, The Lovers, Fortune, The Hanged Man, The Devil, Death, Adjustment, Lust, The Tower, Art, and last but not least, The Chariot. If this idea goes over well with everyone I will add these to the end of all my entries until we run out of every possible combination, which I do not see happening any time soon.

How was this idea conceived, where did it come from? Well, if you have read any of DuQuette you would know of a few spots. The real source comes from Crowley, when he points out the relations hidden in the final paragraph of the exegesis of the High Priestess card. Obviously, you are going to need the Thoth deck to be able to properly work these meditations. If you do not have the deck, I have placed the images of the cards at the end of the entry. However, the detail is equitably bad, so I don't know how great you will do looking at these images upon your computer screen. Either way, let us get to work!

Tarot Meditation # 001

The First Class Card(s):
The Hermit & The Empress

The Second Class Card(s):
The Tower

The Idea:
How are the characters, ideas, and correspondences of The Hermit and The Empress cards expressed when they are combined together, and how does The Tower card help demonstrate this, or add to it in harmony?

http://www.writerinthewindow.com/images/Hermit%20shpndMName.jpg      http://altreligion.about.com/library/graphics/crowley/4.jpg


Journal Entry July 27, 2008 + New Lamen.

IAO131 had complimented my previous entries, and I have had others asking for me to post "good pieces" of my personal journals. Well, I had a very nice experience the other night which I felt would be best to start out with. The reason for the Ritual is not important, and it is an intimate issue concerning no one other than myself and those who need to know, which none of you are. I had to re-edit the entries in order to make sense to other people, but for the most part, since I am writing my journals for certain people, it wasn't to hard. I decided at the last minute to post the order of how I carry out most rituals, assuming it could help someone.

The basic set-up of the Ritual was as fallows.

9:37 p.m.
Ritual Bath with Prayer.
Consecration of Temple space, and tools. Also, with it's own specific prayer.

10:04 p.m.
My Personal Invocation of Anubis. (Because of "his" position within ethnological symbolism, this invocation helps me on a few levels that I personaly deem important. I use this Invocation as a replacement for Banishing.)
Asana position and Relaxation Ritual
Key 1 (Yes, Enochian Keys/Calls can be used outside of Enochian work.)
Liber Pyramidos to establish an astral temple
Formulation of The Body of Light

- Forming my Body of Light was difficult this evening and took nearly 30 minutes on it's own.

1:12 a.m.
What I refer to as "Reception of The Symptoms of Manifestations and Visions."

- I tried hard to establish my Temple to reflect images of Malkuth (wooden door, pentacles, tree temple, etc), but to no avail. My astral sight was what I can only call "fuzzy" like a T.V. station filled with static, and all I could really "see" was my pysichal room, my temple.

- My experience began unusual in that there was little in the way of visual stimulus. Whatever vision there was at first was very incoherent and in the least bit eventful. I felt that the "entity"  was trying to speak to me from no other previously discovered state, forcing it all at once (if that makes any sense.) Then it came to me like someone had turned up the volume on that static filled T.V. channel, something had either projected itself into my mind, or had manifested within at a previous working, it felt familiar. The first lucid fraction of material came in slowly, with a very high pitched squeel, the words were "I am the one who built the (A?)uriel empire." This little piece of information kept repeating itself over, and over, staying static for what felt like an eternity. I could barely keep composed, it began to become distressful, and stiff. When I finally began to regain myself I asked what it had meant by "The Empire of (A)Uriel." Then the vision emerged. It was at every point of my visual space, the presence was felt in all my physical space, my innermost being, and complete at each spot of my outer "extent," what I would consider "all encompassing." It was such a small shadow, which looked like a bird, I couldn't swallow the idea that all of this had radiated from such a small being. It refered to me by a magickal motto to which I haven't recognized myself by for years. (I think 2003). I asked again but this time I had more to add. "What was meant by the Empire of Auriel? Does it have anything to do with the Angel of Earth Auriel?" The entity traced a symbol to which I have never seen. I repeated the same question. It answered "No." then traced the symbol again, which looked like the Hebrew letter "Gimel" if a kindergardner with broken hands drew it, it was very sloppy. I asked "What does this mean? What did you mean by the Empire of Auriel?" It replied "To and From, the Golden ones! But we can't discuss such things in their presence." This put me completly off guard, so much so that the vision was in a way dissolving out of sight, and was being replaced by, what looked like, a garden of sunflowers, and a bright red "blob" of matter that could be seen if you look at the sun for long periods, close your eyes, then press your eyes against your hands as hard as possible. I quickly projected myself back within my astral temple, which at this time was all blackness, and was banished by imagination.

1:43 a.m.
Adoration To The Lord of The Universe




The Cup of Babalon. (Pt. I)

Before we consider, and examine the Formula of The Cup, it would be wise to introduce Babalon, in the context of this essay, without taking up the entire essay. Babalon is identified in Thelema as The Scarlet Woman, The Great Mother, and the Mother of Abominations. Her godform is referred to as "a sacred whore", her symbol, the Cup, also refered to herein as the Chalice, and Graal. Crowley identifies Babalon as a representative of the universal feminine axiom, which can be looked at upon the Tree of Life as the third Sephira, Binah. Binah, in turn, represents all physical mothers, and mother-goddesses, such as Muat, and Isis.  If you look at the "Lust" Trump of the Thoth tarot, you will see she is picture riding "astride the Beast; in her left hand she holds the reins, representing the passion which unites them. In her right she holds aloft the cup, the Holy Grail aflame with love and death. In this cup are mingled the elements of the sacrament of the Aeon."

Babalon serves a very important purpose between the aspirant discovering his true will, destroying his ego, and leaving it behind as a small clump of sand in the "City of Pyramids." When the aspirant is to cross the Abyss, and to find his way through the illusions, and lies of Choronzon, Babalon is "just on the other side, beckoning." When the aspirant reaches "The City of Pyramids" he gives himself up to Babalon, which is symbolized as the act of pouring his blood into her graal, so that he becomes impregnated in her, becoming "reborn as a master who dwells in the City of Pyramids." The blood the aspirant drains into the Cup is a symbol of his false self, the ego, that he must be destroy in order to cross the Abyss, as stated in Liber ABA, “...the Ego-idea must be ruthlessly rooted out before Understanding can be attained.”

Written in “Liber Cheth vel Vallum Abiegni Sub Figura CLVI” there are 6 verses in which the Formula of The Cup of Babalon becomes more clear.

1. This is the secret of the Holy Graal, that is the sacred vessel of our Lady the Scarlet Woman, Babalon the Mother of Abominations, the bride of Chaos, that rideth upon our Lord the Beast.

2. Thou shalt drain out thy blood that is thy life into the golden cup of her fornication.

3. Thou shalt mingle thy life with the universal life. Thou shalt keep not back one drop.

4. Then shall thy brain be dumb, and thy heart beat no more, and all thy life shall go from thee; and thou shalt be cast out upon the midden, and the birds of the air shall feed upon thy flesh, and thou bones shall whiten in the sun.

5. Then shall the winds gather themselves together, and bear thee up as it were a little heap of dust in a sheet that hath four corners, and they shall give it unto the guardians of the abyss.

6. And because there is no life therein, the guardians of the abyss shall bid the angels of the winds pass by. And the angels shall lay thy dust in the City of Pyramids, and the name thereof shall be no more.

Further within Liber Cheth the aspirant is advised to “divest thyself of all goods,” specifically identified in the text as wealth, health and love. The Cup of Babalon is the Universal Womb, and the blood therein is the Water of Universal Life. When the aspirant amalgamates his blood with the blood in the cup, he dissolves his ego in the Universal Life. The annihilation of the Ego must be complete, or as shown in Liber Cheth, there are crucial repercussions to be had:

11. For if thou dost not this with thy will, then shall We do this despite thy will. So that thou attain to the Sacrament of the Graal in the Chapel of Abominations.

12. And behold! if by stealth thou keep unto thyself one thought of thine, then thou shalt be cast out into the abyss for ever; and thou shalt be the lonely one, the eater of dung, the afflicted in the Day of Be-with-Us.

Once that every little bit of the "blood" has been exhausted from the aspirant, he dies and his body is to decay in the Sun. There is a pile of dust left behind, in place of the aspirants body, which is the true essence of the aspirant, his True self. This dust is gathered "in a sheet with four corners", representing the position of the Abyss amid the ideal, and the actual. The sheet is a plane, being attributed to Binah in the Naples Arrangement, with four corners (a square), a symbol of Chesed and manifestation.

This dust is carried by the “angels of the winds” and given to the guardians of the abyss, and because there “no life therein,” the guardians allow it to pass to the City of the Pyramids in Binah. Here is where the aspirant is “..received and reconstructed in the Third Order, as a Babe in the womb of our Lady BABALON, under the Night of PAN, to grow up to be Himself wholly and truly as He was not previously...” He is now reborn within the Cup of Babalon from the Water of Universal Life. He is recognized now as "NEMO" meaning "no man" in Latin. 

End of Part I

A long project, a short break.

I'll leave you all with this for the week or so I'll be working on this other entry....

Seven are the veils of the dancing-girl in the harem of IT.
Seven are the names, and seven are the lamps beside Her bed.
Seven eunuchs guard Her with drawn swords; No man may come
  nigh unto Her.
In Her wine-cup are seven streams of the blood of the Seven
  Spirits of God.
Seven are the heads of THE BEAST whereon She rideth.
The head of an Angel: the head of a Saint: the head of a Poet:
  the head of an Adulterous Woman: the head of a Man of Valour:
  the head of a Satyr: and the head of a Lion-Serpent.

Seven letters hath Her holiest name; and it is

Introduction to Magical Images on the Tree of Life.

Understanding the Sephirah is a different, highly objective experience for everyone, respectfully. To help beginners understand where to commence are layouts, glyphs, correspondences, and many other images that lend a hand to developing the mental picture of the Sephirah for meditative, astral, and practical working. For each Sephirah is a Magical Image. This image is a universal formula, used through many generations of magicians, and occultist, all designated to their appropriate Sephirah. These mental images, and notions have been built upon, meditated with, and instilled with a wealth magical knowledge, so that they can be quickly built up in the aspirants mind. It is a very necessary, and beneficial practice to contemplate, and meditate upon these images in their fullest detail, this material must be savored, thought about and reflected upon, repeatdly in order to help the aspirant gain any insight. In there very essence these images convey a mental picture into the aspirants mind, almost burning themself to memory, but beyond this there also lays important formulas for ceremonial and ritual magick.

I feel it is my responsibility to pass on these already known images, and sayings to beginners, and adepts alike. I have collected a good amount of simple imagery that, when contemplated, will bud into ideas, and methods which the student will find very usefull in their practice of magick, as well as practical work with the Hermetic Qabalah.

"Light in Extension."

Malkuth.  (Mem, Lamed, Kaph, Vav, Tau.)

. A Young Women, Crowned and Throned.

2. I am made in the image of the divine.

3. The Kingdom of spirit is embodied in my flesh.

4. I am the end, yet I am just beginning.

5. The gate, guarded by the virgin.

6.  Be fruitful and multiply .

7. The gate of the Garden of Eden.

8. The natural balance brought about by existing.


That concludes Malkuth. Please comment, and share your experiences during these contemplations.

In L.V.X.
Frater O O E



Tattvas are a great tool to help the evolution of the aspirants clarivoyance, and skrying abilities. Most people are familiar with the tattvas of eastern spiritual traditions. I will not be talking about these in this current work, instead I will be speaking about the lesser known western tattvas, that were first put into practice by the Golden Dawn and have been built upon by the Ciceros, using the alchemical symbolism that most western ceremonial magicians are accustomed to. It is usual practice that the outer order grades do not concern themselves with tattva vision until passing through portal, in which a Hierophant gives the signs in the manner laid out within the appropriate Z document ( See Flying Roll XXX )



Whatever system you coose, will work just fine. However, if you practice in the general Western Esoteric Tradition then I would advise for you to work with the cards I am speaking upon in this entry. You can either create them, or buy them in a pack of card called The Golden Dawn Enochian Skrying Tarot contrived by the Ciceros. Below is a general idea of what these cards look like if you are going to create them.

As can be seen by the picture, the elements should be colored with flashing colors, and backed by a neutral color such as grey, or black. If there is more than one element needed for the working, then you should make a smaller image of the secondary element and place it within the first element as seen picture above within the final card (water of air), and the middle card which is made up of 3 seperate elements (air of fire of earth.) The second card shows what should be drawn if you need to work the element of spirit into your tattva, shown as spirit of fire, above.

When skrying it is always important to make sure you clear the air first by using a banishing ritual you see fir. Next the aspirant should decide upon an appropriate tattva, taking into mind the matter at hand, it's elemental nature, the correspondences, inhabitants, god names, and anything else that would influence the nature of the symbol, and the outcome on a microcosmic level.

Begin by finding a quiet place where you will not be pestered, if you have a spot you do your meditations at will work fine. What I like to do first is purify the area after I perform my banishing ritual. You can do it with water, salt, fire, or whatever you see fit, or you do not have to do it at all. I would also like to note that you should have light, but not to much, just enough to be able to see the tattva and the colors of the tattva. Next, perform the four fold breathe of any other relaxation excersise for as long as needed. You should have with you a magical implement which corresponds to the tattva you are going to scry, for example, if you are working with a water tattva hold your chalice or cup. If you are working with assorted elements you will only need the primary elements coinciding tool, i.e. fire of air, you will only need your air dagger.

You can now either go straight to scrying (next paragraph) or for more "kick" you can perform an invoking ritual, adoration, or anything else you would like. After I purify the area I will commonly employ a Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentegram for the element I wish to use.

Now sit down is your favored asana position and face the cardinal direction of the element you are scrying. East for Air, South for Fire, West for Water, and North for Earth. Now repeat your relaxation excercise and clear your mind. There is no necessity for you to enter a "full" trance at this point, as we are only practicing Scrying in the Spirit Vision, not Traveling. When you feel that your thoughts are under control, and you are relaxed, take up the tattva and begin gazing into it. At this point is where most people become confused. By gazing I do not mean staring into the tattva without blinking. I mean that you should look at the tattva with as little blinking as possible, but in a relaxed manner, where you are not thinking about if you are blinking or not, you are just there, gazing. After some time the tattva will begin to "flash" about, sometimes you will see an aura around the symbol, as well. You should now take your eyes off of the tattva and stare at a blank wall, you should see the tattva reflected onto the wall in it's adverse colors. Go back to staring at the tattva when this happens, when the tattva begins to flash, or form an aura again, turn your attention back to the wall as you did before. Do this on and off, until you can look from the wall back to the tattva and the tattva will automaticly begin to flash, or have an aura around it. When this occurs look back at the wall, this time only for a brief matter of time, then close your eyes again. The image should be imprinted into your mind, remaining there even after your eyes are closed, if this is the result then you are doing fine, if not then start the practice over again from the point of gazing into the tattva. When your eyes are closed let the physical vision slide into an astral vision as if the backs of your eye-lids are a movie screen playing the image back to you. It is now essential to vibrate the divine name associated with the element, "YHVH" for air, "AGLA" for earth, and so on. The image should still be pressed upon your mind, if so then try to look through the image as if it was a window which over looks the astral plane. The symbol should keep it's shape but become transparent, as if it were glass, or water. It sometimes helps to build an image, or landscape on the "other side" of the symbol, as if you were looking through the symbol into a field, or ocean, whatever imagery you see fit. It should be noted that while scrying you should avoid any self-hypnotisation by the Tattva, as it will lead to misleading images, and self deception. 

You should test everything that happens in the vision, that is to say, everything at all doubtful to you. You should always have your journal with you so you can write carefully and in detail the vision you see. After time, you should be able to verify the images seen by checking their correspondences, such as particular minerals, symbols, entities, plants, etc.

You should consider protection if the space you will use is not your usual temple space, to which you banish daily, and perform adoration in. This includes making, buying, or even printing out the Golden Dawn temple banners of the east and west. The banner of the east is a representation of the divine light, and it is a powerful tool that invokes balanced power and light to aid you in your astral work. The banner of the west is seen as a tool to help ward away evil spirits. Make sure to always test any guides that advance towards you, even if they seem helpful. 

Frater O O E

This concludes part I of "Skrying in the Astral Vision."

Enochian Ritualism: Christos Magus

I found this ritual online not to long ago, and found a simplistic beauty in it's structure. I, myself, have worked in the parallel fashion layed out herein, and have found it to be very beneficial when grouped with my usual ceremonial system. The entire ritual is given, and is strongly suggested to the aspirant who may wish to use it, to read it studiously, more than once before putting it to pratice. It would be wise for you to shape it around your own practice, and edit it to fit your personal rites, and rituals. 

1. The Adoration of the Bath-Enochian Purification of the Magus (Opening)

2. The Concretion of the Holy Tools of the Art

3. The Binding of the Infernal Witness (Vassago)(Goetia)

4. The Angelic First Dignification of the Magus

5. The Communion of the Archangels

6. The Dignification of the Holy Table of the Art

7. The Baptism of the Sigillium Dei

8. The Cleansing of the First Encohian Tablet

9. The Enochian Invocation: 1, 2, 7, 14, 3, Aether Lil

10. The Casting of the Sigillium Dei into the Furnace

11. The Evocation to Apperance of the Enochian Hierarchy

12. Secret Holy Names

13. The Great Kings

14. The Seniors

15. The Kerubic Archangels

16. The Servient Angels

17. Daemonic Rulers (Binding Sigil)

18. Cacodaemons (Binding Sigil)

19. Governors

20. The Second Holy Dignification of the Magus (Three Steles of Seth)

21. The Building of the Temple

22. The Construction of the Holy of Holies

23. The Evocation to Apperance of the Heptarchic choir

24. Third Divine Dignification of the Magus

25. The Evocation of the Christos Magus

26. The Mystere of the Grail

27. The Adoration and Rapture of the Mage

28. The Heptarchic Exhortation

29. The Enochian Exhortation

30. The License to Depart

31. The Closing of the Temple

32. The Binding of the seal of the truth to the Infernal Witness

33. The License to Depart

34. The Perfumery of the Temple

35. Endus

The Description of the Operation:
I John the Aurigan of Tain, Ordained Abbott of Saratoga, an Orthodox Enochian Hermetic Cleric. Do consecrate this operation to the great work.

In the 1st Hour of the Twelfth Night of the First Christmas of the Second Resurrection.
Did I, John a humble servant and vessel of the most high, having received the Gnosis of Seth and the Sword of the Archangel, commit the Mystere of the Christos Magus.

I vibrated the Lords prayer and did consecrate the adoration of the Bath of the Magus, perfumed with Lemon and Eucalyptus. Thus I am purified to perform the Art.

In the Second Hour of the Operation did I consecrate the Holy Tools of the Art,

The Table of the Operation, Draped in Pure Linen.

The Great Enochian Tablet, Cedar Painted with Gold Foil (24X24)

Four Incensers inscribed with the Secret Holy Names (3in d.)

The Sigillivm DEI; aEMaETH:. (4 inch, Inscribed Bees Wax (Alchemial Gold Painted)

The Furnace of Abednigo (6 inch Dia. Brass w/Flume)

The Chalice of Blood, Gold (1 Cup Red Wine)

The Chalice of Water, Silver (1 Cup Holy Water)

The Chalice of Union, Crystal

The Plate of the Covenant (Bread)

The Sword of Michael

The Lamen of the ROSY+CROSS

Three Steles of Seth

The Triangle of the Art (Traditional Solomonic)

Binding Sigil of Truth (4 inch, Inscribed Red Wax with Black Ink)

The Sigil of Vassago ( 4 inch, in Black Wax with Silver Ink)

The Binding Sigil of Obedience 2 (2 inch Blue Wax with Gold Ink)

…And did I meditate of the Mystere of the Christos Magus




In the third Hour, did I Open the Temple in Tradition and Bind the Infernal Witness with the tools of the art and placed the spirit outside of the circle of the operation. This done, I purified my will with prayer and cast the circle of the operation eight feet around the Holy Table with the sword of Michael.

I then placed the Lamen of the ROSY+CROSS around my neck, I vibrated the Enochian Bornless Opening, while circumambulating The Holy Table, lighting the 4 incensers placed at the corner of the Enochian Tablet and I made the Evoking sign of the Enterer at the four cardinal points.

I then Invoked the Archangels of the Four Corners of the Earth, and did pass the Chalice of Water over the incenser and very gently vibrate " Oh Deo Magdalen Ahhh." This is the mystere of the angelic communion of the Holy Spirit. The First Dignification.

This completed the Dignification of the Holy Table. I then used the holy water to anoint and baptize the Sigillium and the Great Enochian Tablet. I then circled the Holy Table in the direction of the sun and vibrated in phonetic Enochian the 1, 2, 7, 14, 3, and the Call of the Aether (Lil)., I then placed the Furnace of Abednigo in the center of the Great Enochian Tablet, upon the Holy Table.

Using a Cedar twig I lit the furnace. I then evoked the Enochian Angelic Hierarchy by name to appearance in the Furnace, I then placed the Sigillium in the Furnace and vibrated the three Steles of Seth and they did appear in choirs and humilities. This is the Second Dignification.

I commanded them to construct the Temple of Solomon, in this did I direct them, I bound the Daemonic Rulers and Cacodaemons with the binding Sigil of Obedience to Draft and Dray. To The Great Kings, The Holy of Holies, The Seniors and the Kerubic Archangels, The Great Tabernacle, The Servient Angels, the Great Courtyard, I then Evoked the Heptarchic Choir to apperance in the temple, and the sound vibrated into the heavens. I then partook of the Corpus Christi and vibrated: KETERTETRGRAMMATON! This is the Third Divine Dignification.

I then Vibrated " Adam Kadmon rohhesh Jesu Christos" and the Holy Ghost of the Christ, The Christos Magus entered into the Holy of Holies, I then poured the blood into the Chalice of Union and contemplated the mystere of the Father, I then poured the Holy Water into the Chalice of Union and Vibrated " AMEN" I then beheld the Revivified Blood, The Water of Life. I drank from the Chalice of Union and The Veil Parted into the Holy of Holies and I then entered into the Carnity of the presence of the Christos Magus in Kether. The Ecstasy can only be experienced. The Veil Closed upon my Humanity.

I then exhorted the Heptarchic Choir in the Great Work.
I then exhorted the Enochian Hierarchy in the Great Work.

I gave them the license to depart and taking the Sigil of the Infernal Witness out of the temple. I bound the Seal of Truth Triumphant to Vassago and gave the license to depart. I then closed the temple in tradition.

I then Perfumed the Temple with Sage and contemplated the Mysteres I had been shown.

This is the First of Three Great Mysteres, And the only real short-cut across the Abyss
I have found…. Contemplate this in your Humanity, Oh Magus!
JWMT Christos.